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Indie Music Artists The xx And Fleet Foxes Return With New Music in 2017

Fleet Foxes have yet to release any information about their upcoming music, but it is anticipated to be released in 2017.

The xx, an English indie pop band formed in 2005, will release a new album, I See You, January of this upcoming new year. This album will follow up to their first two full albums, xx, released in 2009, and Coexist, released in 2012. The xx consist of members Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie xx, who met while studying at Elliott School in the UK. The band’s debut album xx was met with wide critical acclaim and reached high on the charts, including the ninth spot in Rolling Stone’s Best of the Year list. Three years later, The xx released Coexist, an album inspired by club music yet generally more downtempo than their former work, including lead single “Angels.” The album was initially released via streaming service on the band’s website in a collaboration with Internet Explorer, then later released worldwide a week later.

Jamie xx’s solo debut album, In Color, released in 2015, is said to have influenced the band’s upcoming work, I See You. The band reports the album to have a different concept from the first two records, releasing first single titled “On Hold” in November of 2016. I See You was recorded between March of 2014 and August of 2016, and the band hopes that releasing new music will help some people feel some kind of happiness upon its release on January 13, 2017. In anticipation for the band’s upcoming European tour dates, fans have been receiving invitations in the mail to upcoming tour dates in their area. There is no doubt that these indie music artists’ album is awaited with great anticipation.

Fleet Foxes are an American indie folk music band from Seattle, Washington consisting of members Robin Pecknold, Skyler Skjelset, Casey Wescott, Christian Wargo, Morgan Henderson, and Neal Morgan. Fleet Foxes released their first self-titled EP in 2006, but officially premiered as a band in 2008, releasing second EP Sun Giant shortly after signing with record label Sub Pop. Their second album, Helplessness Blues, was released in 2011, and was nominated for Best Folk Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

This indie music band has been on hiatus since 2013, but have recently returned to the lime light with an Instagram post of a historic photograph of a volcano eruption, and answering questions in the comments, of which included the status of their new album: “Alllllmost done.” Additionally, Fleet Foxes later confirmed their first live performance since 2012 will be at Spain’s Bilbao BBK Festival in July of 2017. Their new album, still yet unnamed, will be released this upcoming new year, as well as they will be returning to the stage following its release.

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What is Peak Performance Music?

Something that made you want to reach for more? Something that stirred up new dreams, visions, and possibilities? Maybe it was something that was said, something said in a certain way, maybe inspirational music at just the right time, or maybe it was all of the above?

Having studied the field of personal development for over a decade I have experienced this “high” on many occasions, but unfortunately it always seemed to wear off. As a supplement I would be sure to continue my learning through books, audio-books and dvd’s, which although are undoubtedly of great benefit just never seemed to quite get me back to that “high” I was riding coming out of the seminar.

Knowing that I am not alone in this yearning for such a feeling I have dedicated myself to recreating the experience.

Thus began the creation of; “Peak Performance Music”. By combining inspirational & motivational messages with high energy music and a listening enhancement technology known as binaural beat technology I found that I could replicate the feeling of UNLIMITED POWER by simply throwing on my headphones while working out or turning up the speakers in my car.

As a Peak Performance Strategist, Fitness/Nutrition Expert and Music Producer I am in a unique position to create a listening technology that provides something we all are looking for; ENERGY! My simple objective was to create a style of music that would push listeners to reach for more and FEEL ALIVE! Not just a little nudge, but something that would really move listeners at a deep level. We all know the power of a great song and how quickly it can change our state. We also know the instant impact of encouraging words.

We’ve all experienced this quick change in attitude after a heartfelt conversation with a friend or mentor, or simply reading something inspirational. It is with this in mind that I have created this “Peak Performance Music”. This high energy, inspirational & motivational music will move you in a very unique and powerful way. It’s a profound combination that is such a natural fit and creates some of the best workout music you can listen to. And of course, the secret weapon is the binaural beat technology!

How to Prepare for a Music Festival or Concert

When planning an outing to a music festival there are numerous things you must do to be fully prepared for your fun-filled day/weekend. First and foremost you have to get the tickets to the festival. I always play it safe and order the tickets directly from the festival’s website but if they run out of their allotment then I will try buying them on Ticketmaster, TicketLiquidator, StubHub, or any other type of legitimate ticket broker company, wherever I can find the cheapest price.

Worst case scenario is trying to find tickets outside of the festival venue from other fans or scalpers. I have been able to get some very cheap tickets on the day of shows, but I do not like relying on that. Also, some of the people outside of concerts and festivals trying to sell tickets will try and rip you off by either charging way more than face value of the tickets or they will actually try and sell fake tickets. So, if you really want to see a concert or music festival and don’t want to have any worries I suggest buying tickets from the festival website far in advance of the scheduled performance dates.

Second, you have to decide on your means of transportation. If it is a concert or festival over one hundred miles I would presume most of you would be driving. However, if there are enough of you in the group going to the concert and you have the funds, I suggest taking some type of bus that will stay with you in the lot and allow you to tailgate at it. This is my first choice in terms of transportation when attending a concert or festival because then no one has to really worry about driving, making everyone a lot more relaxed. Now, if you are attending a concert or festival in the same city as you, I will say that public transportation is the way to go. It is very cheap, nobody needs to worry about rides, and there are so many routes and stops that it can usually drop you off within a mile of your desired destination. Also, you can judge what time you will be arriving at the concert because you will not have to deal with traffic near the festival venue.

Lastly, you have to ENJOY YOURSELF. For an entire weekend you can be treated to one of the best sources of entertainment in the world, live music. Be relaxed and worry free at festivals and concerts, because for the time that you are there it should be all about enjoying yourself and having a great experience.

Snowdonia For Music Lovers

Making and appreciating music is a huge part of Welsh culture. With centuries-old traditions of harping, singing, poetry and folk music still very much a part of modern Welsh culture – you’ll hear all of these and more at special cultural festivals called ‘Eisteddfodau’ (the plural of ‘Eisteddfod’), held locally and nationally throughout the year in Wales – it’s hardly surprising that Wales has, over the past couple of centuries, earned itself the moniker “the land of song”.

All sorts of music are popular – and created – in Wales. Opera, folk, jazz, rock, and even unique traditional styles of poetry and music like ‘cerdd dafod’ and ‘cerdd dant’ are all as popular as ever in Wales.

In Snowdonia, music is as much a part of everyday life as it is throughout the rest of Wales, and the region has produced musical artistes of worldwide acclaim; the opera star Bryn Terfel, for example, is from the Snowdonia village Pant Glas, near Caernarfon, while celebrated pop songstress Duffy hails from Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula.

If you’re a music lover and would like to enjoy a concert or two during your visit to Snowdonia, here are five Snowdonia music venues you won’t want to miss.

1. Ty Siamas

We’ll start with the ultimate Snowdonia music venue, Ty Siamas in Dolgellau. Ty Siamas is the National Centre for Welsh Folk Music, and as well as providing a venue for Snowdonia’s musicians to perform and for visitors to discover new music, Ty Siamas is a wonderful educational centre where you can learn everything there is to know about Welsh folk music.

At Ty Siamas there’s an excellent interactive exhibition where you can try your hand at playing traditional Welsh musical instruments, a performance auditorium, recording studio, cafe, and a shop packed with musical goodies ranging from sheet music and CDs to musical instruments.

Performances at Ty Siamas in 2011 have included local bands, open mic nights, talent contests and folk dancing; there’s something for everyone at Ty Siamas, so make sure it’s on your Snowdonia to-do list!

2. Neuadd Dwyfor

In Pwllheli is Neuadd Dwyfor, a cinema-cum-theatre-cum-music venue that’s occupied its prime position in the town centre for over a hundred years.

When Neuadd Dwyfor was young, it was Pwllheli’s town hall and a penny would buy you the best view of the town, from atop the building’s roof.

These days, Neuadd Dwyfor is the place to be on the Llyn Peninsula if you want to watch movies, dance performances, plays and of course music concerts.

The programme at Neuadd Dwyfor is extremely varied, and the music season really begins in earnest in the run-up to Christmas, when you’ll be able to feast your ears on all sorts of musical treats.

3. Galeri

Galeri in Caernarfon is one of Snowdonia’s newest arts centres, occupying a gorgeous spot overlooking Caernarfon Marina and the Menai Strait. There’s an outdoor seating area for warmer evenings, when you could spend the intermission enjoying a stunning Snowdonia sunset with a good cup of coffee or something a little stronger from the Galeri bar.

Like many of Snowdonia’s performance venues, Galeri offers a wide range of arts events all year round. Welsh and English language film, local bands, comedy, art exhibitions and even Christmas markets – there’s always something going on at Galeri to suit all ages and tastes.

4. Theatr y Ddraig

Formerly an English Congregational Chapel, the building that now houses Theatr Y Ddraig in Barmouth was improved and extended in the post-war years by a committee of local amateur dramatics enthusiasts dedicated to finding funding to create a permanent arts venue to be enjoyed by townsfolk and visitors.

These days, Theatr y Ddraig – the Dragon Theatre – is almost entirely self-funded, receiving the occasional small grant from Gwynedd Council and the Barmouth Town Council to help things along.

Performances at Theatr y Ddraig include variety shows, plays, music, dance, workshops – a real mixed bag, with something for everyone.

5. Theatr Harlech

Theatr Harlech, in the shadow of Harlech castle and backing onto the sand dunes at historic Harlech on Cardigan Bay, is another of those wonderful Snowdonia venues that hosts all sorts of performances and arts events all year round. Some of these even take place on the beach; in the past, some of Theatr Harlech’s most popular events have been sand sculpture workshops and sandcastle competitions.

In October 2011, look out for two very special live music events at Theatr Harlech: a concert night featuring Cor Meibion Ardudwy (the Ardudwy Male Voice Choir) and the Harlech Silver band, and later in the month a performance of Madam Butterfly by the Mid Wales Opera.

Steven Jones is Senior Tourism Services Officer at Cyngor Gwynedd Council, a Welsh local authority whose not-for-profit Snowdonia Mountains and Coast website provides visitors to Snowdonia with a wealth of useful information about the region, including activities, attractions, history and culture. The site also enables visitors to search an extensive database of Snowdonia accommodation, and to plan their holidays in some of Snowdonia’s most popular towns and villages.

Four Reasons Live Music Is Better

They say that even savage beasts slow down to hear melodious sounds. Listening to tunes can be enjoyable as well as therapeutic in some cases. While recorded sounds are plentiful at any time of the day or night, live music has special advantages and benefits for the people fortunate enough to be in the audience.

Use All the Senses

Recorded sounds coming out of speakers can have a powerful impact on people. Familiar songs have a way of transporting people to virtual places where pain subsides, spirits lift, and memories flow. As powerful as these sounds can be, live music has the potential to do so much more simply because of the greater involvement of all of the senses. See the performers with your eyes to experience their emotions as they sing or play instruments. Feel the energy released with the sounds. Performing involves a passion and energy that often surprises people who aren’t involved in the process. Artists often shed the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears as they work to perform for others. A live show often helps people develop a more profound appreciation for this craft.

Attend with Companions

The experience of attending a show together with others in the audience is often a unifying one that draws people together. Attending a live music concert is usually much more enjoyable if you do it with friends or family. Bond with loved ones as you share the experience. You will make special memories that everyone can recall with fondness later.

Study the Professionals

If you play an instrument yourself, attending a live music performance can be an ideal learning opportunity. Study technique and moves to learn more about the craft. You might see an innovative approach that you never considered. Skills and style run rampant at these shows, so you are bound to come away with something new to try.

Enjoy the Spontaneity

Recorded music is heavily edited to make it into precisely the sound desired by the recording artists and companies. When you sit in the audience to hear live sounds, you are privileged to witness spontaneity and creativity in action without any modifications or repairs. Artists are human, so they won’t perform perfectly. Chances are you won’t even realize when mistakes happen, though, because these errors become a part of the show. Live music carries an inherent risk of error, but this risk can lead to raw music that comes from the heart. Artists should feel empowered to perform heartfelt sounds that represent feelings and talents, also resonating with the audience in meaningful ways. Feeling comfortable making music that might contain mistakes can be the catalyst behind an incredible performance.

When you hear an enjoyable concert, make sure to support the artist who performed it. Earning money as an artist is incredibly difficult. Live shows are often the main moneymakers for artists due to the prevalence of free songs online. Attend concerts, buy albums, and spread the word about a promising artist you enjoy.