How To Stay Calm During a Live Performance

Don’t you love the feeling when about 50 to 500 heads turn to you and the eyes just get glued to your shaking face and being? I do. That’s one of my favorite things in playing music. Live concerts. The lights, the booming audience and the adrenaline injection are just earthshaking!

In this article, I will present you with some good hints and tips to prepare for a stressful live concert and performance in front of an audience.

Depending on the venue, the amount of people in the audience can range from the said 50 to 500 people, sometimes even more. Of course, if you are playing in your school concert or a pub, there won’t be hundreds of people. However, then again, this depends on the size of the venue.

Everything described here applies to all types of performances, both instrumental and vocal.

How to stay calm in a live concert?


  • The most important one: Learn your song. I can tell you that if you haven’t sorted your song(s) out, you will become nervous. Anxiety and nervousness are the main causes for mistakes and errors.
  • Play the song to a friend or a family member. This will help you get over the fear of performing in front of a crowd, no matter what size. (Naturally, bigger audiences tend to create more tension.)
  • Breathing exercises, are also advised! These will help you calm down before and during your performance
  • Don’t think about or look directly at the audience. They don’t exist. It’s only you and the instrument. Thinking about people will get you distracted and you will likely make mistakes.
  • Play as if you were still in your home, concentrating on what the song sounds like when you first succeeded in playing it perfectly.
  • Breathe, play and enjoy! Don’t think music as a task. It must not be one! It’s a pleasure, and you want to share the music with everyone. If some don’t like the music, there are always people who do! Don’t get put down by silly comments, laughter, or other attempts of humiliation. It is you on the stage, and you only. You have dared to perform in public, and that is a notable merit in itself. Most people are afraid to death to get on the stage, which means that their non-constructive feedback can be left ignored.
  • Keep your head up, and make sure to find a new opportunity to perform. The more you do it, the better you will get.

What is important is that you enjoy what you do, and do not stress excessively for nothing. If the audience will be huge, then try to ignore the fact. It is natural to be nervous, and a little nervousness actually helps you to do well. The only cure for stage fright is to actually confront the fear and get on that stage! The first time is always the most difficult.