How to Prepare for a Music Festival or Concert

When planning an outing to a music festival there are numerous things you must do to be fully prepared for your fun-filled day/weekend. First and foremost you have to get the tickets to the festival. I always play it safe and order the tickets directly from the festival’s website but if they run out of their allotment then I will try buying them on Ticketmaster, TicketLiquidator, StubHub, or any other type of legitimate ticket broker company, wherever I can find the cheapest price.

Worst case scenario is trying to find tickets outside of the festival venue from other fans or scalpers. I have been able to get some very cheap tickets on the day of shows, but I do not like relying on that. Also, some of the people outside of concerts and festivals trying to sell tickets will try and rip you off by either charging way more than face value of the tickets or they will actually try and sell fake tickets. So, if you really want to see a concert or music festival and don’t want to have any worries I suggest buying tickets from the festival website far in advance of the scheduled performance dates.

Second, you have to decide on your means of transportation. If it is a concert or festival over one hundred miles I would presume most of you would be driving. However, if there are enough of you in the group going to the concert and you have the funds, I suggest taking some type of bus that will stay with you in the lot and allow you to tailgate at it. This is my first choice in terms of transportation when attending a concert or festival because then no one has to really worry about driving, making everyone a lot more relaxed. Now, if you are attending a concert or festival in the same city as you, I will say that public transportation is the way to go. It is very cheap, nobody needs to worry about rides, and there are so many routes and stops that it can usually drop you off within a mile of your desired destination. Also, you can judge what time you will be arriving at the concert because you will not have to deal with traffic near the festival venue.

Lastly, you have to ENJOY YOURSELF. For an entire weekend you can be treated to one of the best sources of entertainment in the world, live music. Be relaxed and worry free at festivals and concerts, because for the time that you are there it should be all about enjoying yourself and having a great experience.